My Pathway to Real Estate

There’s never an ideal time to change your career path. The month before your first baby is born is an especially stressful time! But I knew it was the way God was leading me. Sitting behind a desk wasn’t bringing the happiness or fulfillment I desired. I wanted a career that was more impactful.

My wife had barely walked through the door before I handed her our new daughter with a peck on the cheek and rushed out the door myself. “Love you!” I called over my shoulder. We had an intricate schedule that worked… if no unforeseen issues cropped up. We just had to keep our heads down and keep moving.

Perhaps it was a questionable time to be changing careers. My boss had a bewildered expression when I told him I was resigning, “Are you sure this is the best time? Your baby is due next month.” That all-too-present concern had run through my head a million times. I was walking away from a steady paycheck with benefits at a company I enjoyed working for and had been with for seven years. But I had also been surprised by how encouraging everyone else had been and took that as a sign that God would bless this new venture.

I just couldn’t bear the idea of another year at a desk job. No one was interested in hearing about my workday as an accountant, including myself! I felt as if my social skills were atrophying the longer I continued working behind that computer. I also wanted to be in a line of work where I felt I was helping people.

In hindsight, I can see a key piece of God’s plan as I segued into real estate, was that my wife and I had picked up a little bit of notoriety. After living in a very nice neighborhood in a house that was only five years old, we bought a house at an auction to fix it up. The house was over 100 years old and came with all the problems an old house has. During the renovation process, my wife began a blog detailing the experience. It hadn’t been our intention, but those blog posts showed people that I knew a thing or two about real estate!

This is where my previous experience came into play. Throughout high school and the beginning of college, I had worked for a general contractor. It was the best education a burgeoning small business owner could ask for. I learned about every system in the house. Not only did I learn about new homes being constructed, but I learned how to make various renovations throughout a house. It was what made transforming our old house into a beautiful home so successful.

And that brought us to the challenging first year. My wife worked at a school, so we’d trade off looking after our brand-new daughter. When Nicole came home, I’d go off for a showing, inspection, meeting, or whatever real estate work I had scheduled that day. We understood that the first year was crucial. I didn’t need to be the top producer from the start, but we needed a sign that this could grow into something that would benefit our family. I was Rookie of the Year at the end of my first year! It did wonders for my confidence, and business steadily grew from there.

I understand the importance of big transitions. My experiences include going from 12 years of homeschooling to living on a college campus and from working at a traditional 9-5 job then transitioning to a commission-based career. Not to mention moving from a modern house to living in an old home as we were renovating it! I remember the sleepless nights during the homebuying experience. I know what my clients are going through. I’m still in this job for the same reason: I get to help people!

What pushed me into taking up real estate full-time was a conversation with an experienced Realtor friend. She noted, “The most successful realtors are the ones who have to be.” To me, real estate isn't just a hobby. And though I initially thought I could do it along with my full-time accounting job, I quickly realized that wasn’t true. To be successful, you must pour your heart into this, and that is what I do for each and every one of my clients.

People are drawn to working with me because they recognize that professionalism. I’m knowledgeable in many aspects of real estate, and they know they can trust me. I won’t be pushy, I will be compassionate, I know what they’re going through. I’ve been in their situation for myself and will do everything within my power to make the stressful home buying or selling process as understandable and painless as possible!

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